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Geared toward those looking for convenience and those who seek to set themselves apart. Also toward those agencies and marketers who manage any number of different social media accounts on behalf of themselves or for their clients.
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Socialmark is a central online account repository aimed at organizing your digital life; Geared toward those looking for convenience and those who seek to set themselves apart. Also towards agencies and marketers who manage multiple social media accounts for themselves or for their clients. What is Socialmark?

  1. Organized digital life
  2. Effortless online account diversity and evolution
  3. Freedom from the mundane for account managers

Social Media Management For Profiles, Statuses & Posts Made Easy

Socialmark is a service designed for everyone, including managers and consumers of social media, especially those who manage numerous accounts on behalf of clients. We believe that there needs to be a solution to managing the profiles of all your online accounts, be it social media or otherwise.

How Socialmark Works

Socialmark is in active development and some aspects are still being decided. However the fundamental service will never change. Socialmark takes in and securely saves your social media and other online account credentials (email addresses or user names and passwords). The Socialmark interface allows you to see and organize all your managed accounts in an easy interface. You are then able to input and push updates to any or all of the accounts on file.


Take the Socialmark Market Survey
and get yourself a free beta account
when the service is ready for testing.

I am John Doe, an independent design consultant. I have a small operation but a major online presence. In order to facilitate my online presence I have devised a way to maintain my brand (my logo) but change it, like Google does, both on a schedule and on a whim. I have a Socialmark account and have set up 18 social media and other online accounts, like Beanstalk for version control of my design files and Basecamp for project management. When I want to make a splash I adjust my logo as I see fit. Many times I want a holiday themed version of my logo. I upload that new logo to my Socialmark Master Profile and with the click of a single button, all of my accounts are updated effortlessly. The best part is that I can load and schedule the next five holidays and set them to update on a schedule of my choice.

Another Example

I am Jane Doe and I am an account manager for a marketing agency that focuses on social media as well as traditional media services for my 8 clients. Each of my 8 clients has at least 4 social media accounts that I and my assistant personally manage and update. Social media is a great service and my clients benefit considerably. It is relatively simple work but it is very time consuming. Socialmark helps us reclaim this time and provide an even better quality service to my clients with considerably more impact. Socialmark allows me to have 8 master profiles, one for each client and enables me to update client company logos, edit profiles to announce promotions and preload scheduled status updates in order to keep the accounts active without taking my attention. Socialmark not only allows me to post my update to all accounts at once, but I can also choose a select number of online accounts to post an update to. So if I’m launching a client promotion on Facebook two weeks from today at 8:30 PM, Socialmark has it covered. Imagine how pleased my clients are when they recognize how fresh their accounts are and imagine my excitement now that I can change a logo or image as easily as a status update!


  • Simple and free registration process
  • Try an update for free to test Socialmark out
  • Multiple Master Profiles
  • Manage your social media and online account profiles in one unified Master Profile
  • Add ANY social media or online accounts to your Master Profile
  • Add AS MANY social media or online accounts to your Master Profile
  • Update manager and scheduler for posting updates at desired days & times
  • Secure system managed by secure staff
  • Failsafes


We adhere to and exceed all current security standards and protocols. Your connection with Socialmark is encrypted via 128 bit SSL and all of your sensitive account information is encrypted when stored. Because we have to decrypt information in order to authenticate your online accounts, we have a secure key system in place that keeps your information safe from all except the few systems and people that require it. Because the key is stored securely in a completely separate location and accessed remotely via an encrypted channel, if in the unlikely event that the data or hardware is accessed by someone unscrupulous, they wouldn’t be able to decrypt and access the information because the key is stored safely elsewhere.


Take the Socialmark Market Survey
and get yourself a free beta account
when the service is ready for testing.

For your peace of mind we have built in a “lock down” feature. This feature is available to all Socialmark accounts. In the event you feel there has been unauthorized access to any of your online accounts managed by Socialmark, you can access a special section and request to have all of your online account passwords reset to a new secure password and have that password sent to you by email, SMS text message or phone. This process will be completed by the most core personnel, the password will not be stored on any of our systems and it will be immediately destroyed after being sent to you and confirmed received. Your Socialmark account will be locked down so that no activity is possible. When the time is right, a simple verification process will enable your Socialmark account to be reconfigured and service resumed.

The failsafe is a serious operation. Along with service, your credits will also be suspended. To ensure this feature is used appropriately and cautiously there will be no refunds of any remaining credits. However, if you verify and re-enable your Socialmark account you will also regain access to your credits.

Behind The Scenes

I was a relatively early adopter of social media and certain online software as a service (SaaS) sites, tools and utilities. Being an observant geek, I recognize the power and value of social media. In 2007 I had dozens of accounts to manage and around this time I made a choice to change my company logo. This was a change I deemed important but I quickly realized I had a major initiative on my hands to change my logo on all of my profiles. I quickly turned to I used them regularly for status updating across all online accounts. They offered no solution to this need. Disappointed, I turned to Google and searched my heart out, but found no service like for account profiles. Using this as inspiration, the “Multi-Profile Updater” was born.

The Multi-Profile Updater was conceived and then shelved. During this time, and much to the credit of social media, it became apparent that this service should not only focus on account profile avatars but all account details. The seemingly obvious idea to allow an abstraction also occurred. Due to my working environment, and the advice of my colleagues, it was compelling that this service should also allow the managing of many groups of online social media and other accounts. This would serve consultants, managers and agencies that oversee and update multiple online accounts on behalf of clients.

The initial Socialmark concept included the engineering of an API engagement system that would automatically post the desired updates by way of software service. We quickly found that only the most common social media sites had acceptable API’s and even those were changing frequently. The next concept included a more “hacker” like approach that blended the idea of engaging API’s with a technique called “screen scraping”. While this proved possible, the potential complications were too risky.

The final and proven concept blends the original idea with a newly burgeoning concept called “crowd sourcing” or “crowd commerce”. The bottom line: a human being will be reviewing, confirming and handling your update requests personally via an extremely efficient, secure and proprietary process. Because no computer software is better than a human at thinking critically, adapting to changing technologies and expanding online service accounts, the obvious choice is to use the help of people.

We have a local staff to drive the core service and we have an emerging integration with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to provide even more efficiency that will lead to lower costs for our customers. The Socialmark system has been engineered such that even though a human will be providing service on your online accounts, no person outside of our secure and trusted environment will ever know your password or have authenticated access to your accounts for more than the time necessary to engage your requests. If you have any questions regarding this or should you desire further details, just call 1-480-703-7560 or contact us here.

Why am I telling you all of this private inside stuff?

One word: trust. In order for you to hand over online account access credentials, you must trust the recipient implicitly. It is important that you understand what Socialmark does and how it does it so you can trust the system. This leads to a better experience for you and it will help avoid disappointments. I believe in transparency and it is true that an informed customer is less likely to require support because they are informed and can understand the service they are working with.


We are currently seeking feedback on pricing and service tiers. Socialmark can’t be free but we are working on a “freemium” level service option. Socialmark is committed to being as cost effective as possible and we aim to drop the price as much as possible as the system is continuously refined and streamlined.

All this while we work on new features!